Start with STRATEGY.

End with RESULTS.

What are you selling? Who are you selling it to? How do you overcome resistance and change customer behavior? If you don’t ask yourself those questions first, you’re asking to be ignored.


Don't let CLEVER be the enemy of CLEAR.

A "creative" headline or visual may grab attention. But if a benefit or reason to buy isn’t immediately obvious, attention is the only thing you’ll get. When they get your message, you get the sale.


To hit the BRAIN,

aim for the HEART.

Most decisions are empirical — and by extension, driven as much by emotion as by reason. So point your message at what your customers are feeling, and let them follow their hearts to your proposition.


Your VALUE proposition

is your best OFFER.

Free shipping, “2-fers", personalized can cozies, etc. are not a measure of how your product is perceived on its own merits. If a purchase decision is made because the customer sees a real benefit, the opportunity for repeat purchases is strong.


Talk TO your customers.

Not AT them.

“Hit them over the head with a baseball bat” is more likely to knock your customers unconscious than to engage them. Consumers are sophisticated, and prefer a conversation rather than a hard sell. Respect their intelligence.


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